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San Diego Seismic Size-Up

Our latest San Diego corporate video production services documented the important strides scientists and engineers are making in designing earthquake-safe buildings. We strategically positioned our San Diego field producer and three San Diego video crews with Sony EX-3 HD cameras to record two “shake tests” conducted by the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering. The simulated quakes were staged beneath a five-story structure equipped with 70 cameras to capture seismic effects on elevators, a mock hospital and other building features. Working on deadline, we edited and uploaded our exterior footage, plus the 70-camera interior shots, to a live San Diego webcast for the National Science Foundation, and for use by TV networks and stations. Click here for a look at some of our footage from the first shake!

San Diego Video Production Team Partners with HP

When HP needed our San Diego video production team to quickly produce a short video to help them salute their many talented female employees, we moved into warp production mode. So here’s the result of what our San Diego video crew captured with a couple of hours of impromptu shooting, plus a little editing magic — delivered on time and under budget.


Solana Productions‘ San Diego video production team has more than 15 years of experience producing, shooting and editing projects for high-profile TV shows and corporate clients. With 14 EMMY Awards, a Gracie Award and many other accolades, our team brings high standards and professional expertise to every San Diego video production.

A Fashion Video Production – We’re Their Perfect Fit!

We got lucky with our latest Los Angeles fashion video production — literally! Lucky Brand jeans called on our San Diego video crew to shoot a series of employee training videos inside their flagship store at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles.

fashion video production lucky jeansThe LA-based denim brand goes to great lengths training its sales associates to help shoppers find perfect-fitting jeans. Using our video segments, employees at Lucky Brand’s 177 retail stores will learn tips and techniques to help customers add jackets, sweaters, accessories and other complementary items — all without costing a fortune. Now that’s what we call lucking out!

 Lucky jeans are much more than just denim and grommets; they’re a true blue American icon. Staying true to the rich heritage — and authentic, all-American spirit — of denim, Lucky Brand began crafting great-fitting, vintage-inspired jeans in Los Angeles in 1990. The distinctive Lucky look by literally, ripping, fraying, sanding, patching and washing by hand — gives them true character and soul. They added authentic hardware, personalized touches and playful details, and an American legend was born.Their jeans are made for the free-thinker, the artist, the dreamer; they’re made to dance, work, run, jump, play and rock ‘n’ roll (just like you). Their inspiration doesn’t just come from the rugged workwear of denim pioneers, but from the free spirit and laid-back lifestyle of Southern California. They find inspiration everywhere, from the secluded outlooks of Big Sur, to the old-school tattoo parlors of Venice and the beautiful beaches of Malibu. They reference music, art and photography — old and new — to create truly unique pieces that you’ll wear over and over again. You’ll find Lucky Brand all over America — in 209 stores (and counting) — as well as select department stores and online at

Always in style, Solana’s fashion video production!


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