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Video Services – Comic-Con: Where the Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

Time to dust off the Darth Vader suit and pull out the Princess Peach costume! In just days, our San Diego video services will be meeting the costumed masses at the annual entertainment extravaganza known as Comic-Con International.

Video Services - Comic-Con: Where the Geeks Shall Inherit the EarthIt’s the 11th year our Comic-Con crews (sorry, we don’t come in costume) have covered the chaotic combo of Hollywood star appearances, movie and TV previews, video game unveilings, zombie parades and more! The New York Times reports the Hollywood studios are curtailing their involvement this year…….yeah, right! Already, our San Diego video crews and your favorite San Diego field producer have been booked by Sony, HBO, MTV and “Entertainment Tonight” for the four-day event, which shows no signs of slowing down. I’ve had a look at the tentative studio schedules, which so far, include Steven Spielberg’s first-ever appearance, the “Cowboys & Aliens” premiere featuring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, a big outdoor stunt promoting “Cowboys & Aliens,” a return appearance by Nicholas Cage, a “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” event, the introduction of “The Amazing Spiderman” cast and tons of TV meet-and-greets. That doesn’t even include the “secret” and “underground” events, like the 2009 “Alice In Wonderland” set display in an empty storefront. Plus, I’m hearing about more international TV and press coverage this year. The truth is the San Diego Convention Center can’t contain all the entertainment industry hype, which spills onto the downtown streets and into nearby hotels and theaters! Comic-Con — it’s serious business.

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