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California Video Production Crew on the Road to Mexico for Entertainment Tonight

California video production crewWhen Carter Thicke recently spoke about his late father, TV legend Alan Thicke, who died of a heart attack last December, the 19-year-old recalled some touching memories that were first captured by our California video production crew during a shoot in May of 2005. That when our San Diego video production company was dispatched to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, by “Entertainment Tonight” to cover the elder Thicke’s wedding to model Tanya Callau. Thicke was best known for starring in the the 90s sitcom, “Growing Pains,” and previously had been a popular TV talk star in Canada. Our producer and Solana Productions crew were given almost unlimited access to the actor and his family, and spent several hours shooting interviews and footage with them before, during and after the wedding. Carter, then age 7, was to be the ring bearer, and was interviewed by our producer with his dad as they got dressed in their white tuxedos right before the ceremony. During these jittery moments, the wedding ring somehow went missing, and when asked for its whereabouts, the freckle-faced 7-year-old anxiously said on camera, “I don’t know,” as his father assured us they would track it down. Eventually, they did find the ring, and during the ceremony, our cameras captured Carter sweetly welcoming Tanya to the Thicke family, telling her how much he was looking forward to having her as his stepmom. Our footage showed the tuxedo-clad ring bearer smiling broadly as he stands next to his older brothers Robin, then a 27-year-old up-and-coming singer, and Brennan, an actor.  And when “Entertainment Tonight” recently interviewed Carter about his late father, they replayed these priceless moments from our 2005 California video production footage, causing him to shed a tear about at the wedding scene and chuckle about the lost-ring situation. Noting, “That was a long time ago,” Carter seemed truly touched by the memories our camera crews had captured during that happy family occasion. #alanthicke #carterthicke #robinthicke

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