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Corporate Video Aboard USS Midway

This corporate video took Solana Productions aboard the USS Midway aircraft carrier. The event was designed to reward sales associates and involved a formal dinner and private concert with the Beach Boys.

corporate video midway-aerial

USS Midway’s Permanent Home

The Midway is permanently docked in San Diego harbor and has become a major historical monument and tourist attraction. Commissioned just at the end of WWII, the Midway saw action in Vietnam. Helicopters from the Midway rescued thousands of people from the US Embassy during the fall of Saigon. Today the deck displays planes from that time period.

corporate video midway-aircraft-elevator

USS Midway Elevator

Loading production equipment onto the flight deck of a carrier for a corporate video may seem daunting at first. But using the ship’s  aircraft elevators simplified things. Our Solana Productions team of 15 loaded 35 cases and were up to the deck in seconds. The event hosted several hundred guests and was a major success for our client.

corporate video event flight deck

Midway Flight Deck Hosting Event


The flight deck is frequently used for corporate video events like this. You can find out more information at USS Midway Museum.

During a visit you’ll likely encounter volunteer veterans who are very good at bringing to life the exciting past of this floating museum.



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