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Los Angeles Video Production Team Pays House Calls to “General Hospital” Stars

Tacos with a soap hunk! A set tour with a daytime diva! Our Los Angeles video production team sampled a taste of life at home and at work with two stars of ABC’s daytime drama, “General Hospital.” The Solana Productions video crew traveled to LA for daylong shoots with “General Hospital” stars Erik Valdez and Nancy Lee Grahn. At Valdez’s home in Venice, he revealed his favorite R & R routine, then whipped up a tasty taco feast. For the shoot with Grahn, our crew went backstage with the daytime star, where she revealed everything from the wardrobe department to on-set snacks. The segments aired on ABC’s daytime food and lifestyle show, “The Chew” as part of its “Behind the Soap Screen” spotlight.



Business Video Production – Tune In To Tuna!

A business video production takes us to Mexico. Before savoring your next bite of sushi, see where some of it comes from by watching our business video production of the premier bluefin tuna farming operation on the West Coast! Our Solana Productions video production team traveled 90 miles south to Ensenada, where we boarded a boat and headed out to Umami Seafoods’ two sustainable offshore aquafarms.

Our San Diego business video production crew captured great shots of the highly prized Pacific bluefin tuna, which have been wild-caught and raised in giant holding pens for up to 3 1/2 years. Amazingly, divers in the pens grab the giant fish and transfer them to a boat for harvest and, later, export to the U.S. or Japan. We also shot aerials of both aquafarms, in Salsipuedes Bay and near Islas Coronados. For a look at our video, click on the arrow above.



Video Production Team Hobnobbing With “The Hobbit” Director

We didn’t get to travel to Middle Earth, but our video production team was chosen to help Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson document his visit to this year’s Comic-Con. The San Diego camera crew followed Jackson as he arrived, greeted fans, introduced stars of his upcoming film, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” and presented exclusive footage at the annual pop culture extravaganza. The movie stars Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchett and Orlando Bloom, and is due out Dec. 14. It’s the first of three prequels to the “Lord of The Rings” film trilogy, all based on the J.R.R. Tolkien novels. Jackson used the footage of his Comic-Con visit as part of the eighth installment of his production diary, which has nearly 400,000 views so far on YouTube. You can watch it here by clicking on the arrow!

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Los Angeles Video Production Services Takes Bite Out of Primetime Special

Solana Productions Los Angeles video production services is definitely ready for primetime — shooting 3-camera segments for an hourlong ABC fall preview special that airs next month. The Los Angeles video productions feature the co-hosts of ABC’s food/lifestyle program “The Chew” giving viewers a sneak peek at the network’s fall primetime lineup. Three Solana crews shot on location at famed Johnie’s Coffee Shop in LA, where “The Chew” co-host Carla Hall interviewed Jami Gertz and other stars of the new ABC sitcom, “The Neighbors.” Our crews took charge of all pre-production, lighting, sound and videotaping needs, shooting on Sony XD 800 cameras. For a preview of country music superstar Reba’s new sitcom, “Malibu Country,” three Solana crews rigged an LA food truck with cameras, lighting and sound gear — then rolled on Reba tasting tacos with “The Chew’s” Daphne Oz. The Solana Productions footage will be featured on “The Chew Presents ABC’s Primetime Fall Preview Special,” airing Sunday, Sept. 2.

News Video Production Crews On Scene For Holmes Coverage

Our San Diego news video production team jumped into action just hours after the Colorado movie massacre, immediately transmitting footage and interviews from the neighborhood where accused shooter James Holmes grew up. Our San Diego field producer and San Diego video crews were among the first national media reps on the scene, and were soon joined by dozens of other journalists from all over the world. Our team quickly obtained high school photos and background information on Holmes, interviewed neighbors and former acquaintances and shipped the material via satellite — all within an hour after arriving. Solana Productions, Inc., stayed out in front of the developing story for several more days, securing more interviews and footage at the Holmes family church in Rancho Penasquitos and in other areas of San Diego. The material aired on “Entertainment Tonight” on July 20 and on the “ET” weekend show, July 21-22.

Corporate Video Production Company Chases Talking Tom!

Solana Productions, a corporate video production company, covered an advertising convention in Orange County.

Talk about clawing your way to the top! Talking Tom, the adorable IPhone app/YouTube sensation, who’s become an entertainment phenomenon with more than 400 million user downloads and 100 million monthly active users, was the center of our latest San Diego video production. Tom and the other Talking Friends, created by app developer Outfit7, were “the talk” of the Association of National Advertisers Conference in Dana Point.

corporate video production company talking-tomOutfit7 Limited is one of the fastest-growing multinational family entertainment companies on the planet, best known for its global phenomenon Talking Tom, which grew from an instant app success into a fully-fledged media franchise in the years since its launch.

Founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs on a mission to bring fun and entertainment to all, Outfit7’s highly successful portfolio now includes free mobile apps and games, a CGI animated series and web shorts, a global licensing and merchandising program, and chart-topping YouTube videos.

Talking Tom and Friends franchise is known and loved in 230 territories around the world. It’s the reason why our apps have won awards and been downloaded over 5 billion times.

That’s where our San Diego video crew documented the story of how the clever voice-mimic app has become a beloved mobile consumer brand. Talking Tom and the Talking Friends were also recently featured on ABC’s “Modern Family,” and have new app tie-ins with “Madagascar 3.” Haven’t talked with Talking Tom yet? He’s a free app for Iphones — and you can click on the video screen to enjoy his version of Shakira’s “Waka Waka.” Meow.

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San Diego Seismic Size-Up

Our latest San Diego corporate video production services documented the important strides scientists and engineers are making in designing earthquake-safe buildings. We strategically positioned our San Diego field producer and three San Diego video crews with Sony EX-3 HD cameras to record two “shake tests” conducted by the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering. The simulated quakes were staged beneath a five-story structure equipped with 70 cameras to capture seismic effects on elevators, a mock hospital and other building features. Working on deadline, we edited and uploaded our exterior footage, plus the 70-camera interior shots, to a live San Diego webcast for the National Science Foundation, and for use by TV networks and stations. Click here for a look at some of our footage from the first shake!

San Diego Video Production Team Partners with HP

When HP needed our San Diego video production team to quickly produce a short video to help them salute their many talented female employees, we moved into warp production mode. So here’s the result of what our San Diego video crew captured with a couple of hours of impromptu shooting, plus a little editing magic — delivered on time and under budget.


Solana Productions‘ San Diego video production team has more than 15 years of experience producing, shooting and editing projects for high-profile TV shows and corporate clients. With 14 EMMY Awards, a Gracie Award and many other accolades, our team brings high standards and professional expertise to every San Diego video production.

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